Trenchless Liner (Pipeline Rehabilitation )

Saloc’s Lining Team is a licensed installer of NovaFormTM—the fold and form PVC lining system from IPEX. NovaForm provides the lasting benefits of factory-made PVC pipe to the North American trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry. This product meets industry standards for DR35 and DR41 factory made pipe, is quality controlled and tested to stringent ASTM standards.

For Large Pipe Lining requirements (Greater than 900mm (36”) to 3000 mm (118”) Saloc’s Lining Team, working in conjunction with Canadian Culvert, offers another unique solution— SPR™ PE. A trenchless, spiral-wound, steel reinforced HDPE product used to restore the reliability and integrity of aging sewers, storm sewers, and culverts . 

NovaForm Available Sizes

Diameter         DR     Max Length

150mm (6”)     35       370 m     

200mm (8”)     35       370 m     

250mm (10)”   35       340 m     

300mm (12”)   35       300 m     

375mm (15”)   41       210 m     

450mm (18”)   41       180 m     

600mm (24”)   41       160 m     

750mm (30”)   41         80 m 

Installation Ten Step Procedure

  1. Assess and mitigate environment and safety concerns
  2. Flush and Inspect pipeline for line obstructions and condition
  3. Pipeline preparation and bypassing flow
  4. Liner and Equipment Preparation
  5. Steam PVC Folded Pipe to soften liner
  6. Pull liner through host pipeline
  7. Heat and Pressurize Liner until liner flares to host pipeline
  8. Cool and Harden liner
  9. Trim liner to the host pipeline
  10. Final Video Inspection

Large Pipe Lining SPR™ PE

The   SPR™ PE  liner is spirally wound into a circular pipe from within the base of the manhole of the pipeline to be rehabilitated. The liner is introduced into the annular space and is subsequently grouted using a cellular, low strength cementitious grout.    Can be installed in live flow conditions based on worker safety and other considerations. Other flow management techniques can be used to eliminate the need for onsite bypassing. 

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  • Cost Savings
    • No Excavation required 
    • Smaller crews and less heavy Equipment 
    • Year Round Operation    
  • Environmental
    • No Leaching of chemicals into water — Marine Friendly 
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    • Less disruption to environmentally sensitive areas
  • Social Benefits
    • Reduce the negative traffic and noise impact of daily activities
    • Quick Turnaround Minimize disruption   
  • Safety
    • Minimal heavy equipment required
    • Shorter term projects
    • No Chemical or Fire Hazard    


Lining Systems suited for: 

  • Sewer & Storm Water Systems
  • Irrigation Wastewater management plants
  • Well and power pole cribbing
  • Glycol storage